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Textiles Can Make A Room

Back in the 70’s draperies were the mainstay window treatment. We even put draperies in kitchen windows over the sink.  Nowadays we have many more treatments to select from. Most are more practical and  many are just plain beautiful.

When mini-blinds, roller shades and verticals became all the rage, the clean lines and easy care became the focus. Another reason this occurred was the fact that fabric prices began  to skyrocket.

Two trends are re-emerging.

Draperies are making a comeback because people are hungry for fabric in their homes. Textiles add warmth, depth of color, texture, and luxury. The best attired rooms, come with a variety of pattern, tones, and texture to add interest and comfort.

Next, roller shades still rule. Classic clean lines, no fuss care, light control. Remember the days when the spring would let loose and the shade would go thwack, thwack, thwack in the middle of the night? Remember trying to get your shade to stop at a certain level in the window? No More. Roller shades now have completely updated lift systems which eliminate the spring AND you can stop the shade at any position in the window.

Hunter Douglas has come out with a new dual shade system. One fabric is sheer in varying degrees so you can lightly shade  and the second fabric is opaque for privacy. The best of both worlds….and in one headrail, no less.

The new blind fabrics have totally new looks with texture, botanical prints and grassweaves. Awesome.