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Hunter Douglas – ’tis the season for STYLE sale


Hunter Douglas offers its finest products for the last sale of the year.

Consider Duette or Architella shades. There is a minimum of 4 from either group for a $100 rebate. Each additional shade get another $25 off.

honeycomb architella_skylift_sunroom
Pirouette has $50 rebates each with a minimum of 2.

The ever popular Silhouette. This shade does it all. Tilts and lifts. Looks great in any room. Silhouette has $50 rebate each with a minimum of 2.


Vignette Roman Shades offer a fabric look and outclass the old-fashioned roman shades with rings and cords. There is a $50 rebate with a minimum of 2.


Luminette, Skyline, and Traversing Vignette all have $100 rebates for each unit.

It’s time..don’t put off these improvements any longer.

Hunter Douglas Display Showroom


We are excited to show off our new Hunter Douglas displays. Come check out the Luminette and Pirouette PowerRise shades and see how the new Platinum technology works. The remote is radio frequency and does not need to be pointed at the window covering to work. The remote not only opens and closes the window treatment but also tilts the vanes.

We have all the new styles, colors and products in our sample books. Come visit us today.

New Product – Solera Soft Shades

We are very excited about this new collection. Solera offers beautiful fabrics with a cellular construction. It combines the efficiency of a shade with the beauty and softness of fabric. It lends an aesthetic feel to your home. When honeycomb is too rigid and draperies too bulky, Solera has just the right balance.

Duette Architella Fabrics

architella duette close up

architella Duette 2

There has never been a more energy efficient shade than the Duette Architella.

Did you know that up to 50% of your home’s heat can be lost through the windows in the winter?

Did you know that roughly 40% of a home’s unwanted heat gain comes in through your glass windows?

Use DUETTE ARCHITELLA shades to control the flow of energy in and out of your windows. This will drastically reduce your heating and cooling costs.

HUNTER DOUGLAS also has the premium lift systems that will suit your needs. For instance UltraGlide keeps the cord at a constant length. If you have tall windows you know how inconvenient it is to have cords dangling on the ground.

Come in and take a look at our samples today. Call and check current promotions. There is a tax deduction available on Architella shades.

Exterior Shades

Project: Loper
Location: Bay Lake, WA
Key Peninsula

These fantastic cable guided exterior shades will offer this client years of shade and protection from heat and glare on hot days. On cooler days they create a outdoor sanctuary free from breezes or drizzle.
loper 6

loper 4

loper 3

Loper 1

Sheerweave fabric Color Ash
Style: Olympus Cable Guided system with 4′ Crank
Ceiling Mount Brackets
Hood Color Bronze
2 – 8′ x 8′
1 – 14′ x 8′

Retail at time of install


Beautiful Textures

Beautiful Textures

Neutrals can sometimes seem dull, but not when you layer on the texture.


A variety of textures can create interest and pizazz.
There are many more interior finishes that add texture to a room, especially when you layer the look. Think a soft rug atop a hard tile floor or fuzzy throw pillows over a smooth fabric sofa or a rough brick accent wall surrounded by shiny painted walls.

Here’s a brief list of ideas to add texture to your rooms:

– Natural stone flooring
– Cork wall coverings
– Textured plaster walls
– Smooth marble countertops
– Faux paint finishes
– Brocade fabric sofas
– Bold shag carpeting
– Knotty wood furniture
– Faux fur throw pillows
– Soft velvet draperies
– Leopard or zebra print rugs
– Leather ottomans or armchairs
– Crown moldings
– Soft chenille bedspreads
– Wicker end tables
– Woven wood window shades

Don’t let your all-neutral color scheme slip into ho-hum blandness. Add beautiful textures to enhance your interior look.

From Hunter Douglas Fresh Ideas

Beat the Heat – Keep your View

The days of plastic mylar shades are pretty much over. I still remember the night as a young girl that my roller shade let loose and went flapping wildly into the night….No More.

Roller shades have gone through a transformation. There are no longer springs inside a wooden pole with a pin on one end and a pawl and ratchet catch on the other. Now they simply rise by pulling on a beaded cord that runs though a clutch pulley on the end of a hollow tube. Now you can stop the shade at any level.

designer roller screen kitchen

Screen shades offer protection from heat and glare on hot sunny days. Keep the shade down during the hottest time of the day and you can still see through the shade. If you have a view, this is perfect.

Remember though…anything you can see through in the daytime…means that you can see in during the evening. No privacy with these shades, so plan for a secondary treatment for privacy.

designer roller screen bedroom

Skylight Shades

It always happens. The inquiries for skylight shades triple when the sun comes out.

We know it is going to happen eventually and yet when it happens we are not prepared.

Skylights sometimes act like magnifying glasses. The sun pours in heating up the room like an oven. Thy light that pours in during the winter or spring is wonderful, but when a heat wave comes…an irate homeowner often emerges.

Here are two options. 95% of our skylight shades come from the Simplicity line.

applause honeycomb simplicity large

For large applications we offer the Skylift.

honeycomb architella_skylift_sunroom

Skylight honeycomb shades keep out the heat and also keep heat in when it is winter.

Hunter Douglas Motorized Blinds

Take advantage of significant rebate savings on qualifying purchases of Hunter Douglas motorized window fashions and enjoy the ultimate in operating convenience. Set your window fashions in motion with the flick of a switch, via a remote control or even with just a tap on your mobile device thanks to our award-winning new Platinum™ App.

Hunter Douglas is the premium source for your window covering needs dedicated to quality and beauty.

Call us today for a free estimate.


What About Draperies?

Side Panels

Draperies have been around for a long time. Some of most beautiful and regal treatments are pictured in colonial and European estates of the past and present.

There is something about a bank of flowing fabric that adds texture and warmth to a room. Something happened though with the invention of mini-blinds and verticals in the 60’s. Sleek and contemporary became the fashion. While these products offer much in the way of light control, much was lost in the way of insulation, beauty and lushness.

Another factor was the textile mills in America. Many of them shutdown and fabrics were for the most part exported doubling the price of case goods.

Many improvements have been made in the window shade industry. The fabrics now have texture and some the honeycomb like Architella do a fantastic job of insulation against heat and cold.

Yet….consider draperies for your room. They do take up more wall space. For instance, you need to stack the draperies onto the wall when they open so that the window can be totally exposed when they are drawn. They do not always have to completely expose the window but many times this is desirable.

The main cost of draperies is not the labor or the rod but the fabric itself. You can save a few dollars by purchasing fabric at a fabric stroe and bringing it to us for fabrication, but expect a bit more for labor. You will have to provide the fabric width, and pattern repeat to determine how many yards it will take to manufacture your draperies. Do not select a thin fabric more suitable for clothing. It will not drape well.

Another consideration for your custom drapery is fullness. You know what apartment draperies look like right?. Well, these are usually under double fullness. A JC Penny stock drapery is usually double-fullness although I have seen some really, really bad stock draperies lately.

I like to make your draperies at least 2 1/2 fullness. Sheers need to be at least triple fullness. This makes all the difference.

Draperies on a traverse rod or stationery panels can create much drama and beauty in your home. Colors, prints, banding on edges, interlining, all factors.

Go as wide as you can and if possible try the 90″ finished length instead of the standard 84″. The added height adds drama and customizes the look.

Come in today with your measurements and look through our sample books.