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Fresh Ideas by Hunter Douglas

Choosing beautiful fabrics can make a material change in your décor.

Wise fabric choices can inspire your entire decorating plan.

Fabrics are used on so many surfaces in most homes. In fact, fabric is one of the most important elements as you make your interior design plans. Fabrics even set the mood for a room and influence the way you feel.

The sheer number of fabric choices can be intimidating; that’s why it’s helpful to work with a professional.

Natural fabrics include cotton, leather, linen, silk, suede and wool, while synthetics include acetate, acrylic, microfiber, nylon, olefin, polyester, rayon and vinyl. Synthetics tend to be more durable than natural fibers, but not always. A lot depends on the finish applied to a fabric or the weave that’s used, as much as the inherent fabric itself.

The most obvious initial decisions are:

  • Fabric color family

  • Whether fabric is solid color or has a pattern

  • Fabric texture and weave

  • Whether fabric is woven, crocheted, knit or pressed

Select fabric first for beauty since the look of your home is paramount, but also consider how your fabric will be used so you’ll be happy with your decision over the long term. For example, fabrics that are optimal for a heavily-used great room sofa will be quite different than those for a seldom-used decorative chair in your entry. Always think about durability and stain resistance if you have pets or children. Also consider how much damaging sunlight enters a room.

Your fabric choices create the underpinning of your interior design plan and are critical to the beauty of your rooms. Consider fabrics carefully and get professional advice before you buy.

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Fun Project – The Rivers Residence in Grapeview, WA

Rivers job 3.


Lots of pillows on a custom window seat

rivers job 7

Rivers Job 1 (2)

Painted Floor

Rivers job 4.

Starfish Shower Floor

designer Ernest Martinez

Textiles Can Make A Room

Back in the 70’s draperies were the mainstay window treatment. We even put draperies in kitchen windows over the sink.  Nowadays we have many more treatments to select from. Most are more practical and  many are just plain beautiful.

When mini-blinds, roller shades and verticals became all the rage, the clean lines and easy care became the focus. Another reason this occurred was the fact that fabric prices began  to skyrocket.

Two trends are re-emerging.

Draperies are making a comeback because people are hungry for fabric in their homes. Textiles add warmth, depth of color, texture, and luxury. The best attired rooms, come with a variety of pattern, tones, and texture to add interest and comfort.

Next, roller shades still rule. Classic clean lines, no fuss care, light control. Remember the days when the spring would let loose and the shade would go thwack, thwack, thwack in the middle of the night? Remember trying to get your shade to stop at a certain level in the window? No More. Roller shades now have completely updated lift systems which eliminate the spring AND you can stop the shade at any position in the window.

Hunter Douglas has come out with a new dual shade system. One fabric is sheer in varying degrees so you can lightly shade  and the second fabric is opaque for privacy. The best of both worlds….and in one headrail, no less.

The new blind fabrics have totally new looks with texture, botanical prints and grassweaves. Awesome.

Beautiful Roman Shades And Valances


With over 300 fabrics to chose from this collection of soft Roman Shades, this line is simply fantastic. These fabrics have been selected from all over the world and are sophisticated, contemporary and transitional.

There are four style of Roman shades to select from. Flat, Hobbled, Batten Back or Batten Front. The batten is the small fold that holds a dowel that creates the spacing for the folds as the shade is lowered or raised. The dowel can be positioned in the front of the shade for a more structured look , or the back creating only  a seam.

Valances can be ordered with the Roman Shade or they can be ordered as a stand-alone product. If you are ordering Silhouettes or honeycomb shades, we can order custom valances right along with your order.

We are very excited about this line because of the superior workmanship, the gorgeous fabrics and the quick delivery. Custom Roman shades and valances used to take up to 5-8 weeks. No More.


DS_2009_HobbleDiningRoom        DS_2009_BattenFrontKitchen


Call for an appointment today to see this line or come into our showroom to touch and feel these samples. Cut yardage is available

Custom Valances or Custom Roman shades, plain, trimmed can be made to your specifications with quick delivery.




New Products – Roman Shades

Remember Roman Shades?  They supply a definite need in a window covering, for they are totally custom. Fabric window coverings are making a comeback. Why? The endless possibilities. People are getting tired of the sterile approach of blinds and hunger for the opulence of material.

There is nothing that changes a drab cookie-cutter room than custom window treatments. Pick your fabric, valance stye, and trims for a custom look that says that you are not satisfied with the same look as everyone else in your neighborhood.

The fabrics are beautiful. There is just no getting around how impressive this collection is. Hunter Douglas have outdone themselves to search for exclusive and sophisticated fabrics from all over the world.

Custom valances can be ordered to dress up your existing window treatment. Select the fabric, style and and trim if you like. The best part is the quick delivery of these custom valances. Matching fabric can be ordered by the yard.