Blind & Shade Repair

crooked blind 2

As a Hunter Douglas dealer we service your blinds. The most common repair is replacing the strings. The warranty on strings is 7 years. You can find the production date in the headrail of your shade to check the date.

You can bring in your blinds to be restrung.

Here is current pricing on non-warranty restrings.

Pullcords to 60″ $70 TopDownBottomUp $95
over 60″ $85 TopDownBottomUp $110

Cordless or
UltraGlide to 60″ $95 TopDownBottomUp $115
over 60″ $110 TopDownBottomUp $130

Cord Loop
EasyRise to 60″ $90 TopDownBottomUp $115
over 60″ $115 TopDownBottomUp $130

2/1 on one headrail is considered two blinds.

We can come and pick up your blinds for repair and reinstall them. Please call for trip charges and install fees.

At this time we only service Hunter Douglas blinds.

There are no replacement parts for vinyl slatted blinds and we do not restring

Please wipe down headrails to remove any dust before bringing in for repair. Honeycombs should be tightly accordian-folded by hand to prevent any damage to the fabric. Shades such as Silhouette should be gently rolled around the headrail if it is stuck in a down position and not rolled up into the headrail. This is to protect the fabric from permanent wrinkling in transport. Again, please clean headrails to prevent any transfer of grime to the shades.

Older shades can be repaired but often will begin to be hard to raise as the inner parts  wear out. If the shade is discontinued then parts may no longer be available.

Contact us if you have a warranty issue.

email us at
or call us at 360-275-9664

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