Looking for Berbers?

I was thinking back on our cabin we used to own on the North Shore in Belfair, WA. We had two dogs who loved their Milk Bones. When I would vacuum there would be a loud clatter of the machine picking up all the little dog bone pieces I could not see.

And that is the story of the Olefin berbers that was sold for so many years. Long-lasting, tough and hard to stain, hiding nerdlies in the carpet.

Finding Olefin berber today is impossible. Wondering why, I called the largest distributor on the East Coast. I found out that with all the other carpet options out there today that they have decided not to manufacture the dyes necessary to dye the fibers. So there you have it.

Still looking for an alternative, I did find a small company in Dalton GA, family owned, that makes their own carpeting. They have three nice PET or Polyester looped carpets.

The samples came in today. So if you are still looking for a Berber style looped carpet then one of these three should fit the bill. This fiber is much softer than the Olefin.


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