New Vinyl Click Flooring

We are pleased add this new flooring to the lines that we carry. This is MetroFloor Engage and it come in two wood collections and one tile.

Above is the entire collection  and below is the Engage Select Plank and pictured is the Brownville Oak.

This is luxury vinyl with the uniclic locking system. The select has a beveled edge while the lower priced Essential plank has a square edge.

The advantage of clic vinyl is that you can float the flooring over your existing surface instead of gluing. It snaps together just like laminate, but this is warmer, less likely to scratch and is safe in kitchens and bathrooms. It is not guaranteed 100% waterproof, but any leakage will flow to the sides of the room and should not penetrate the seam easily. Laminate is ruined by water leaks but this product is impervious to water.

Engage Essentials Plank  4.35 sf      20 year  residential warranty

Engage Select Plant 5.65 sf                 Lifetime residential  warranty

Engage Select Tile 6.25 sf                    Lifetime residential warranty

This is  a great product for DIY.

The warranties are great if you purchase from a dealer like us but beware you only get a one-year warranty if you buy most flooring on-line.

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