Adding a Tile Backsplash to a Countertop

Our client selected Sierra Bordeaux for their granite slab countertop. After it was installed the next step was to install the tile that had been selected for the backsplash. The customer went to the showroom and selected from United Tile. We then finalized the mosaic type, field  tile and design. The end result was beautiful.

First step. Granite slab without a backsplash. We needed two slabs for this project.

Selection of field tile. The 6″ field  tile yields an 8″ height when set on the diagonal. For the bottom the row the tile was cut in half for a 3″ border. The mosiac is mixed stone of granite and travertine.

Layout and communication with the installer is vital. A scaled drawing is necessary.

The Result.

What a difference it makes to accent the granite with such a simple but striking tile combination.

My thanks to my tile setter Brian who did a wonderful job. I made sure there was enough mosaic to add another row if needed.  This is the easiest portion to adjust for height. The average space to fill from the bottom of the cabinet to the counter is 18″ but we only had 15″ to work with. He  ended up using 6 rows instead of the 5 I drew and photocopied.

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