Hi-Def Laminates for Countertops

Sometimes marble or granite are just not in the budget. One must not worry about this thought because there are some great alternatives. Actually we are seeing a switch from the high movement granites to the sleek look of quartz. But there are still plenty of options.

The above picture shows a color pallete of warm tones in the carpet and walnut floor while using High Definition Laminate. The paints range from a soft brown to a medium gray with a soft white accent for trim. The laminate looks like a quartz at a fraction of the cost. We like to use the simple squared or beveled edge to maintain a consistance edge all throughout the kitchen…..Bullnose is very dated at this point. Resist it.

This next vignette is also built around the counter laminate. The new Formica 180fx has a large pattern repeat and comes in large sheets. It actually comes a full 60″ wide without any repeat which gives it a lot of movement. The fabrics have been selected to draw out the cool slate tones and also bring out the ginger/rust colors to warm it up. Do not be afraid to used cool and warm tones together. The blind is a very soft gray bamboo texture which is very interesting with the warm carpet.  A gold to beige blind would have just washed out instead of adding an interesting element to the room.

When using laminate you can splurge on other areas like using special tiles for a custom wall blacksplash.

The tile to the right has sudbued colors found in the laminate. They coordinate very well. The maple floor lightens up everything and will make the countertop pop with contrast.

Please come to our showroom at Allyn Interiors and we can put together a room for you that fits your budget. We specialize in backgound colors that come togther to enhance your home.

If laminate is not your thing…let’s take a trip into the granite and marble world. Just remember…you may fall in love with a stone that you had not considered.

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