Value Carpet a Great Deal

We would like to present a value collection of berbers and a pin-dot carpet.

Each one is family friendly and stain proof. The samples are close in color but you need to see the sample in person for a closer look. All carpet is 12′ wide.

First we have Color PZL which is a zipperlock construction.

Price per  sq.ft. 1.86. This is carpet only. Pad and Install extra.*

If you needed a piece 12 x 14 then that would be

12 x 14 = 168 sq ft X  $1.86 = 312.48

Next we have TP III which is stain proof but not a zipper-lock, pictured below.   Price $1.28 sq ft.

Our third choice is very nice multi-colored low pile berber WB @$2.11 sq ft. This is a zipperlock carpet. Will not run.

Our last carpet is a pin-dot and it has a loop and cut pile. It is stain-proof and is the softest of the samples we have featured at this time.

NF  is $1.81 sq ft.

*Labor and Pad average

10.00 sq yd. or 1.11 sq. ft.

Other charges may apply

Tear out – baseboard removal and reinstall – stairs- dump fees

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