Selecting granite slab for a countertop

Here is our project bathroom. We need to replace the tile countertop update the sink and fixtures and remove the old cabinet. The vinyl floor will come out and new tile will be installed on the floor and and the shower.

All wood trim will coming out as it dates the bathroom.



Actually the new cabinet is pictured here and it has been raised to match the height of the half wall.

Now selecting the granite slab. The floor tile and accent tiles come with us on the trip to select the slab. It was a good thing because we selected a completely different granite. When you see the whole piece…it is like…ohhh!!! I like this one…!!!

This picture does not do justice to the beauty of this piece of stone. It was helpful to see how the swirls were going to look on the countertop. Although we have done this online with a digital camera.  You do not have the option of selecting from the middle of the slab. We would have had to purchase the entire piece to do this.

We also selected bisque undermount sinks. Paint and glass tiles.



Here is the new countertop.. We have yet to paint and place the accessories.

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